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Why your tweets and other social media do not work?

Adrienne Papp with Mirjana Van Blaricom and Husband

The biggest mistakes all plastic surgeons and anti-aging doctors, cosmetic dentists and other Health and Anti-Aging Professionals are making is that they do not talk to their very own demographics directly: Generation X and baby Boomers. Social media cannot filter that, nor can Google or Amazon! Also, the very clients that need your services do not “hang out” on the Internet.

They hardly know how to even use it, they still prefer reading an article or a book, and they do not trust the Net.

Too much information, to confusing and they do not get to know you on a personal level, they don’t trust you because they think “you can say anything about yourself” unless you have a serious endorsement that is fresh but timeless!  Which is why we designed a next generational Internet based Digital Platform with partners as seen here: and here: Thus achieving that which was not possible before and all 4 items were crippling all publicity campaigns:

Adrienne Papp, The Face of the Youthful and Ageless Movement

1) Lack of CONSTANT presence on trusted TV networks and airlines, which not even the biggest companies can afford, but we can, – for you. It’s like a new App. NOT on social media. Social media can actually hurt you.

2) Lack of sending out a simple and MEMORABLE editorial message with buzz words to get immediate consumer attention.  NOT advertisement or PR! They do NOT work in the digital branding age. The average attention spam is 8 sec.You need to engage your laser sharp demographics and psychographics  immediately.  Once they listen you can go on and promote yourself.

3) USING EVERY DAY WORDS THEY REMEMBER instead of names and titles that they have to write down, misspell, etc…and give up the search. Most of our clients do not even know how they found us….they got lost on the Net.

Youthful and

4) We are putting you on networks that you cannot afford on a constant and none – stop bases. But, those are the networks that are trusted by your own clientele and we reach a total of 500 million pre-qualified buyers within a year because we present a pleasant and convenient, pleasant consumer journey.  You can dramatically increase your sales steadily and professionally. Please call 310-451-7403 and/or 917-678-4017 and if I cannot pick up these direct lines, pls leave me a personal message. Thank you! Most truly yours,

Adrienne Papp, Creator of Youthful and Ageless and President of Atlantic Publicity

Adrienne Papp

President of Atlantic Publicity and Youthful and Ageless™

Master of Science in Economics and Logistics /Publicist/Journalist / MBA / Marketing and Advertising Executive

Guest Professor at Oxford University

Producer and Director for Editorial Commercials for TV Networks and Airlines

Editor in Chief

Tel: 310.451.7403

Cell: 917.678.4017


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