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The Digital Branding 2020 Platform By Adrienne Papp

Youthful and Ageless On the Net, Click image to see one of our Network commercials

Invented and Published By Adrienne Papp 

The Digital Branding 2020 Platform and Magazine of Youthful and Ageless™ Bringing Information to Billions An Honorable Cause

This unique digital branding platform and latest technology magazine continuously provides in a simple way story telling about your brand and it is showcasing your brand on the highest and most trusted National and International Media Outlets.   You can be a tier one subscriber and receive all of the above. Or a tier two and receive a production from us about products as shown here

We are a digital marketing platform and magazine that provides a unique platform to your company to gain incremental publicity and brand value sustained at all times.

Youthful and Ageless™

By becoming a member of the platform you get constant exposure not only by running your message non-stop every year 400 times on a prime TV Network and repeatedly on other Cable Networks, but also on Nationally Syndicated Radio Networks and an immense amount of social media to all of our 700,000 followers. . You will be exposed within a year to half a billion pre-qualified demographics. You will not need to do publicity ever again once you are on the platform unless you chose to. It was designed for companies with limited budget and we are offering added value. The platform brings unique capabilities to your brand through recognized and trusted media outlets and real fast. You are selling while Branding! No need to wait with your sales growth until you are branded and recognized.

That would cost you millions of dollars and 17 years. We replace that with the application / platform and magazine that are presented to you along with half a billion affluent sharply targeted demographics.

If your answer to these questions as listed below in 15 points, or just to one of them, is “no,” you need our platform and magazine. Along with it the professional knowledge of Nick Mysore, a Brand Guru, and Adrienne Papp, a recognized celebrity journalist/ publicist, Economist, and MBA.

Most importantly however, without you showcasing your products and services in this unique magazine / platform there is simply no other way that the public will even understand your existence in business and what you have to offer. This magazine is a second generational Internet Digital Branding based Platform and there is not enough seminars, or books, or social media that you can do to achieve just 2 % of what this platform provides to you and your consumers. So, let’s get on with the questions:

1) Do you have the ability financially and otherwise to create constant and non-stop publicity (not a few appearances, or a one-time exposure, but constant exposure) on the most expensive, therefore most trusted media outlets in the world such as listed here.

Youthful and Ageless™


2) Do people remember the name of your products / services, or the name of your company, especially if you are in the new field of health, wellness, beauty, and anti-aging, all of which started getting attention about 5 years ago for many reasons. Therefore, it is a new industry, but one that is recession resistant. Unless of course you do not take your fair share of the 500 billion dollars that are poured in this industry just in growths per year.


Youthful and Ageless

3) Do people understand the benefits to their health and wellness that your product offers? Do they have a clear idea about the “chain-reaction” your healthy product provides?


4) Do you feel that although you are doing everything right: you have a great website; you call around the whole day long; – and yet you are just not selling enough and hardly getting by. Are you completely satisfied with your net profit and fooling yourself with “ this is the legwork”?


5) Have you done SEO consistently almost as an investment (or “cost of doing business”) to get on the first page of Google, and in the first position? You probably still are paying for SEO to get absolutely nowhere. But, in order for your OWN DEMOGRAPHICS, – or even those that cannot afford your products/services, – to find you, they still NEED TO KNOW YOUR EXACT NAME! Otherwise nothing will happen at all. And, I am sure you learned that by now. Have you been able to sell to your maximum potential just by SEO?

Youthful and Ageless


6) Do people know your exact name to Google your website and still not buying because in your potential consumer’s mind: your site can be “stating or claiming anything.” Every beauty product is always the “best” – is not it? Especially today when we need to cut though so much fog to get to the best? You need to be “endorsed” by a third party in order for your prospects to say: “ I trust this one!” This is simply just a fact of our modern world today. Do you get enough sales through education that is trusted?


Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy, youthful and ageless

7) You have your own website. You can say anything on your own site. It will never really be credible unless a third influential party “endorses” you. Just by having your own website, have you been able to sell to your maximum potential?


8) Have you been able to distinguish yourself from your competition to the degree that you can make the living you deserve by selling your unique products, not only online, but on the next generational IT technology platform? That platform is not coming, that platform has arrived! But, do you have the time to learn a whole new business: the ever-changing technology of the Internet while you are busy with selling your products that are not even recognized yet? How would you find the time, the knowledge and the trust to be an IT engineer on top of what you do every day? Do you know the structure and meaning of digital branding 2020 that can carry you for 3 years and sell that which contributes to a healthier and less age-less, more youthful- world for you and all others?

Youthful and Ageless, Quantum Physics


9) Are you able to compete on the Net with a platform that collects hundreds of companies’ websites, and their millions and sometimes billions of customers in a logistically perfect combination, basically cherry picked? ONE platform that collects the topics that belongs together. A new comprehensive, and Futuristic Logistics, bringing a brand new paradigm, a global technology renewing the lives of those that can actually FIND YOU? Are you being found on the Internet, which as of now is full of conflicting information every day although millions would want to know what you are offering?


Youthful and Ageless, Award Lounges

10) Do you know any other IT technology besides Google, Yahoo and Bing?


11) Have you been part of a life changing and consumer friendly (finding you within a nanosecond) environment where Celebrities, the Entertainment Industry, Non-profit Organizations Voice Initiation on your behalf? Where large corporations Fund you or Academic Research and send their messages around the world in which you can now partake?

Youthful and Ageless


12) If your products / services contribute to a better world, – and where three key health and age related fields are FINALLY intertwined, thus brining life changing information to millions of consumers through Academic and Holistic Research through a trusted comprehensive information that helps billions around the world, would you want to feel that you are a part of such a life changing contribution? (A human being can only change / control what they put on their body and into their body, along the way they think. Can you say that you are part of that limited number of companies that actually care about the change they initiate and bring about the awareness of all of the above? And, if so, do people at large (at least half a billion) know you and your message?


Youthful and Ageless

13) Have you been able to achieve a simple editorial non-stop message on any of these gigantic national and international media venues and at the same time being called one of America’s Most Promising Companies, within that editorial message? An EDITORIAL message: simple every day words that your prospects can remember and act on it right away? NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT!!! We do not support that at all. Any straightforward advertisement is ignored almost all the time! Have you been able to interact with your buyers through simple editorial messaging and so they know that you are one of America’s Most Promising Companies?

14) If you were asked would you know what products have been discovered and instituted that we never heard about, much less know their names?

As an example: Did you know that there is something called “this or that” and it is actually good for you? Do you know HOW AND WHY IT IS GOOD FOR YOU? And would you have Goggled on it if you have not been asked about it?

Youthful and Ageless


15) Did you know that there are over 3 million people Goggling one or most or all of these subject that we address? If you did, and were part of the program you would have just gained 3 million pairs of eyes discovering you and looking at your products AND ACTUALLY LEARNING ABOUT YOU?


16)  Are you trying to raise funds for your Start Up company or just working capital, but you cannot prove to the investor or the “stores” or to any venue thru which you intend to sell that you have created enough awareness about your product that any sales channel will sell your products / services for sure?

17) Have you noticed that although you have a great product people do not know about it because you do not have the means to advertise non-stop, and explain a brand new invention?  Therefore,  you are just simply not found on the Internet because the search key words are not even know to the public?  The fact that you are part of a new industry ( anti-aging and health conscious) with new and revolutionary products or services that people could not dream of even exist,  – much less to search on it on the Internet, – tells you that you must somehow make sure that people learn about a brand new item that never has been even in existence before. Are you being found? Do people at large know what to even search on?


Summarizing the viewership of the Youthful and Ageless Platform and Magazine


Youthful and Ageless

Once people visit the magazine they will find even that which they did not know existed. The magazine / platform is specifically designed for those smaller to midsize companies whose products cannot be Goggled because the general public does not know they exist, let alone those with disposable income. The generation that looks for the industry described above that we call the “anti-aging and health conscious industry,” which caters to the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Silent, adding to it some Millenials where grandma can help out is not a known industry. It is NEW and it THINKS NEW!

There is nothing to put in the search bar whether or not you are on the first page and in the first position, or you are. Online or offline, old or young, care or do not. In technological terms all that will fade anyway although we all cast a shining light on ILLUSION! Unless you sell to your fullest potential, you are an illusion.

So, in light of the above: How do they get to know your name, who you are and what you have to offer?

Celebrities and Executives Support Anti-Aging Discoveries

By you being exposed to over half a billion people within a year at which point they will find you even if they knew nothing about your invention, do not understand your product and are unfamiliar with your brand in new industry we call: Ageless. Why? Because they landed on a platform / magazine that gets them within a click to your own site while at the same time also explain IN A CREDIBLE WAY WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOUR PRODUCTS CAN DO FOR THEM. All THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN A NANOSECOND! You need to belong to a subject matter that people of affluence, a disposable income and a certain educational interest in a healthier way of life, in the body, and in thinking CARE ABOUT!

Do you have other choices? Yes! You can do Amazon, Social Media, etc…and hope that something will happen if it will at all! Maybe you will sell 10 products on Wednesday and 20 on Friday. IS THAT HOW YOUR BRAND NEEDS TO ADDRESS YOUR CAUSE?

Youthful and Ageless Providing Recognition in Many ways

The combined demographics we are reaching thru this next generational Internet Protocol is half a billion –pre-qualified people, – meaning they care about health and they do not want to age. Mostly highly educated and well to do, affluencial demographics and psychographics.

With a mind that thinks mathematics, it is a matrix. I think mathematics as an Economist and in the easiest way for me to express the enormous complexity and very lucky conceptual nature of the program / platform / magazine: it is Matrix.

For those thinking publicity: it is a “WOW, I am getting recognized!”

For those thinking marketing: “ I will never need to do any marketing at all on top of this! I can get rid of my marketing department. I can prove to any store (provided that there are still stores left and they function) that I have publicity and marketing at all times! So, yes, you store can give me the shelf because I will sell. I have more publicity than you do.

Youthful and Ageless

For those thinking advertisement: “The world has just changed for good. Advertisement is NOT NEEDED ANYMORE” not that they ever have.

Adrienne Papp, The Face of the Youthful and Ageless Movement

About The Author of This Article:  Adrienne Papp is a recognized journalist, economist and feature writer, who has written for many publications including SavoirThe Westside Today Publications ; such as Beverly Hills 90210Malibu BeachSanta Monica SunThe Beverly Hills TimesBrentwood NewsBel-Air View ; Celebrity Society ; Celeb Staff It Magazine;  Chic Today;  LA2DAY;  West Side Today among many others. She is the President and CEO of Los Angeles / New York-based publicity company, Atlantic Publicity and publishing house, Atlantic Publisher. Adrienne writes about world trends, Quantum Physics, entertainment and interviews celebrities, world leaders, inventors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. She also owns Atlantic United Films that produces and finances true stories made for theatrical release or the silver screen. Spotlight News Magazine is owned by Atlantic Publicity that just opened a new extension to it : PublicityLosAngelesAdrienne Papp is a member of the International Press Academy.She is the Founder, CEO and President  of Youthful & Ageless ™, Bringing Information to Billions™, An Honorable Cause™ www.OurMediaVenuesAndCompanies.comAtlantic Publicity ArticlesLatest Ageless, Events Photo Collection, Linked In Profile, Movie Data Base  Profile, Twitter, InstagramYouthful and Ageless Google+, Atlantic Publicity Google+, Atlantic Publisher Google+Adrienne Papp Google+, Adrienne Papp Personal Google+Spotlight News Magazine, Atlantic Publicity Productions, Atlantic Altitude, Altitude Pacific, Atlantic Publicity Photography and Filming, About Adrienne Papp   What Others Say  AtlanticPublicitySEOBrilliantMarketing365An Honorable CauseAcademic ResearchKnighthood Today,    Youthful and Ageless™Adrienne Papp is a Press Member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Voting Member of  The International Press Academy. Adrienne Papp is a Registered Credentialed Journalist of the Yearly Cannes Film Festival and the Film Festivals database. She also runs Latest Ageless and Simplicity and Sophistication. Collectively her companies are “Adrienne Papp Enterprises” 

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