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The Market Value of the Program Called Youthful and Ageless™ is to Bring Information to Billions, which is An Honorable Cause™  By Adrienne Papp

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The single “best ad of all time, “quoted from Ad Week, “was the 1984 Macintosh Ad.“’Do not criticize that which you do not understand,’ by Bob Dylan – we might add.

Apple CEO, John Sculley stated: “Most of them (the audience) did not know what we were selling, but they loved the ad.” A new era was born on January 24th 1984; we just did not know it. Steve Jobs did. But, history repeats itself. Since then the world has changed and now it is changing again.

Pages of advertisements aren’t looked at anymore. If you buy a publication that happens to be still in print, you will read the stories, but skip the ads even if it is from Chanel, BMW, etc… It does not tell you ANYTHING; it just shows you great photography. Same on the Net.

If ANYONE wants to capture their audience they tell their stories. People learn and remember by association to a story, which is a fact! The board of directors of Apple hated the Mac ad, but people/consumers loved it because it was a story.  Apple came out with products that did not work, but despite of this very fact, they made themselves heard around the world and fixed their issues in front of our very eyes. Their story carried them! At Steve Jobs’ second big launch he did not have an OS: there was no functional product, or computer, but there was a visible vision! The story, his vision, carried him to success and still does even more so today.

The fastest growing industry today is the gigantic Anti-Aging Industry.  Baby Boomers and Generation Xers  have started spending billions on just about anything that keeps them healthy and age-less. JUST fitness centers and spas ALONE grow with 500 Billion dollars per year. Anti-Aging companies, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Nutritional Conscious companies started bringing the unimaginable into existence in order to satisfy this extraordinary demand. Except, the buyers cannot find the sellers that represent this  brand new industry, –  precisely because it is new, revolutionary and therefore uncommon. The consumer does not know that which is not known and explained to them.

The anti-aging and health conscious industry comes with a new language, a new approach, a new paradigm, which the very demographics that want it the most cannot even search on because they did not grow up with expressions and principals such as “non-GMO; organic;, cold pressed;  certified to be one thing or another, and the list it technically endless, while very few TRULY understand the health benefits, although they may understand the process. Additionally, we already have passed the organic phenomena. There needs to be more.

While the market is flooded with new and ideal products, services, various non-invasive laser technologies and other “things” we do not even know is in existence,  titles and names of manufacturers are simply not understood or remembered by the consumer.  There are just too many fantastic offerings, but the consumer at large is NOT educated, DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO GET educated, no search words are known,  and wouldn’t be able to tell in a focus group the true difference and benefits between Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Cashew Milk, Coconut Milk,  and perhaps more  variations by NOW, and simple milk that the very buyers of this industry grew up on, just to mention an example.  They also grew up with pencils and papers. There were no personal computers. In focus groups the result was : ” consumers  ONLY WANT TO KNOW THE HEALTH BENEFITS TO THEIR PARTICULAR body-mindand spirit. Nothing else. Branding in the old fashioned way is GONE. They do nor care who makes the product and what the name of it is. They care about the HOW and the WHY.


Adrienne Papp, The Face of the Youthful and Ageless Movement

How do we tap into this tremendous demographics and captivate the attention of the consumer that can afford to pay for anything in order to stay Youthful and Ageless? How can,-  even seemingly unrelated, – companies captivate the attention of the VERY demographics that can afford a happier and healthier lifestyle (additionally even from cars, to luxury homes and everything in between) in an economic environment where the middle class  has almost completely disappeared and has been replaced with the well-to-do, or the less fortunate? Add to this the fact that most chain stores are closing down over 50% of their locations because 95% of all sales happen online. EVEN when people go to the store, they will order the next time from the store such as “InstaCart” and will eventually go on the website of the manufacturer. National and International distribution as we know it is already leaving and changing. How can you adept  to all this as a small company?

Think about the enormous necessity for knowing all of the information I am addressing above: what can any ONE human being control for sure? There is ONLY one answer: what they put in their body, on their body and how they think. Nothing else!  What we are talking about here is a new era, a new evolution both for all humans AND the Planet.

Here are the facts:

Small, progressive and novelty companies cannot afford millions of dollars for marketing /advertising and certainly not for brand imaging. For the average consumer to learn your name and have an every day consciousness about you  takes statistically years, sometimes up to 17 years. It is also not simple and consumer friendly. It does not create a pleasant consumer journey. Consumers  want to land on ONE TRUSTED platform by using simple, every day words they can remember, and then they discover a whole platform of manufacturers with extraordinary products and services that they would not have known in a million years about.

A one-time exposure is not enough; constant presence is impossible, yet repetitive, continuous, simple and consistent messaging is a must! A message that does NOT INCLUDE ONE strange words that is NOT AN EVERY DAY WORD. 

People do not remember names, or care to remember names, they care to buy what is explained to them and come to understand. They trust you when you are one on one with them. They like to read about how others succeeded. (Or, watch it, which is why the entertainment industry is almost completely focused on TRUE stories in recent years about human health and Quantum Physics.)

Brand maintenance is non-existent in the field of Anti-Aging. It is a new industry, it is not a 100 yr old Coca-Cola brand maintenance. The academic research  behind various products are not known to everyone, yet the consumer craves research and there are 300 million people around the world that search on Academia of various kinds every single second of every day.  In this vast pull of health consciousness there is not just one company/ brand, or a few number of brands to relate to, but millions.  The newer the product, the more interesting to the buyer. “Latest” is key!

Therefore, you must use STRATEGY and follow the convergence of the Net so that you can get found. SEO means nothing and is a waste of money- we all know that. But, let me use a very primitive example: There is a family and their name is the Jones. Within that family there are a large number of family members. All of them have a name and they all do something different for a living, they have different skills  and they all think differently. So, while the consumer can google the Jones as an UMBRELLA, which is the ENTIRE point of digital marketing,  and find 45 members with different names, talents and experienceS they have found your company, your name and they LEARN ABOUT YOU, – and THAT IS  called BRANDING  TODAY!!!  You have a different name  from the rest of the “family members and that distinguishes you,”  but you offer overall human health benefits collectively.

You are on the SAME MISSION WITH ALL OTHER COMPANIES BELOW THE UMBRELLA AND THAT IS YOUR CORE CONNECTION. Your own story is different and within that UMBRELLA ONCE YOU ARE FOUND, YOU CAN BRAND WHILE YOU ARE ALSO SELLING. Get revenue and finance your sense’s desires! We simply use branding in the digital age to distinguish one product from another, but for the consumer the point is “HOW AND WHY ?” this benefits me. Whether the name is Joe or Martha, they will not remember a second later as in our speedy society the phone will ring, something else happens, they spelled the name wrong and they give up the search. But, even without all the distractions, just pause a second now while you read this article: do you personally care when you go to Whole Foods ( that is if you can afford it) and care who makes the product and what they call it and what their name is? You do not. The name most of the time is not even possible to pronounce. You buy it because it looks good and you want to try something new. Then you either buy it again or not. While all family members need to be distinguished from the rest of them, they all represent ONE brand: the Jones = YOU SPECIFIC HEALTH NEEDS.

A collective high speed next generational Internet has ONE PURPOSE AND ONE ONLY: create a pleasant and SIMPLE consumer journey. (, ) NOTHING ELSE. Electronics were invented precisely for this!!!  It is easy and simple, it is fast and the consumer gets to meet everyone and you, the manufacturer can get to know your consumers. This mega platform  is what branding is TODAY. Which is why the ONLY branding is digital branding. Think about it for a second: a consumer might get on the platform to find the latest laser technology and in that process they discover thousands of companies offering health benefits that nobody ever even heard about. And they all can be proven ON THE SAME PLATFORM BY ACADEMIA OR HOLISTIC RESEARCH AND NOBEL PRIZE WINNER SCIENTISTS.

The world has changed into a fast paced whirlwind lifestyle and anything anti-aging takes an average of 7 -10 years at best for the manufacturer just to break even. These companies need immediate exposure to SELL right away and generate revenue, which they can use for further R&D, or brand themselves should they chose so (see the Internet revolution, as just ONE game-changer regarding branding)

From Left to Right: Adrienne Papp, Steven Wozniak, Co-Founder of Apple; Mrs.Wozniak at the 2009 Dancing with the Stars Finals

With the Internet Revolution convergence is inevitable. In an attempt to “clean up the Internet” Google’s ever-changing and unannounced algorithm took out the competition as we knew it. And, unless you become part of a bigger platform where information that belongs together are presented together, you will be pushed to page no.4 at best and people will never see you. They do not look further than the first 2, maximum 3 pages. And the reason: technology: content rich presentation.

Our twitter statistics show that the most popular topics are those that combine anti-aging with celebrities, films and events, such as the Oscars.

Cancer cases grow with an average of 24 million new diagnoses a year just in the USA alone. This group goes straight to academic research, anti-aging products/services and everything in between that makes them FEEL GOOD!

The Science of the Mind, which introduces a new way of thinking, has an estimated interest from more than a billion people worldwide daily.

Large and branded corporations practice cause marketing almost exclusively now because it creates a more “intimate” relationship with their target audience. It also brings in those extra demographics that they otherwise could not reach. How does a branded and gigantic beauty company that has a floor at Saks Fifth Avenue tap into those demographics that are searching on movies, or on cancer or the science of the mind? By establishing an institute the likes of the REVLON BREAST CENTER at UCLA

Consumer attention in the current, and above described environment navigates toward new, novelty items, not branded names anymore: Less chemicals, more academic knowledge, truth, healthier, younger, more progressive, cognitive and anti-aging are keys taking out large branded names. Brands started re-inventing themselves thru cause marketing.

Celebrity is pop-culture. Celebrities do not want to age. Nobody wants to age.

Live a Happier, Healthier, Youthful and Ageless Lifestyle, Click on image to view our 30 second presentation.

Seeking out Anti-Aging Products and Services start at a much younger age now than decades ago. And, it is more natural and “maintenance-like.”

An expensive car, art pieces and luxury products (including new-age books and spiritual healing practices, knowledge of the human brain in every sense) can only be sold to those who belong to the demographics and psychographics of the higher-middle class all the way to the rich and famous. Therefore, even luxury-type, but non-anti-aging companies must find this well to do demographics and speak to them.

Academic research, and therefore finding various treatment options for anything, would NOT exist without sponsors of research. Some of these sponsors are branded companies. Without charities, we could not help causes. Charities are represented by celebrities in order to get attention. Charities fundraise in order to pay for publicity. The people they fundraise from are you and me! But, do they get the message in front of half a billion PRE-QUALIFIED CONSUMERS ( unfortunately a poor person, or a ” hardly making it family” will NOT look for anti-aging, therefore we per definition of the words Youthful and Ageless ALREADY PRESELECT the correct demographics. No need to talk to those that cannot buy anything explained above.

Summary for all start-ups, small and mid-size companies, which is the core of our business. We help and sponsor those companies in need: The conductor plays the orchestra. All musicians within the orchestra play their own instrument. These are the small companies with limited marketing budget and the conductor is the UMBRELLA, without  which the orchestra wouldn’t function.  The conductor is standing on a comprehensive platform, conducting the music and the musicians that are being  heard by a very large audience. The music is new and interesting. It was never heard before because the combination of the instruments were never orchestrated together like THIS before. Youthful and Ageless™ is the conductor orchestrating all novelty products  into a new paradigm; the audience is the worldwide population of the affluent with disposable income; the platform is the Internet publicized to millions on various TRUSTED AND CREDIBLE media network venues eventually gaining half a billion in audience within a year. A mathematic algorithm.

The World is changing, change with it and you will change the World! By Adrienne Papp

Why do we need to look at the world and its new trends with an open mind? Because it is not possible to stay healthy and age-less unless we look at anti-aging lifestyles; cancer research; age related illnesses; environmentally caused problems, negative patterns of thoughts and false subconscious messaging, which can make you rich or poor, healthy or ill. And, there is no research on these subjects without the Revlons of the world! And, there is no knowledge about them without a story written and celebrities standing up along with you!

And yet manufacturers and start-ups along with just about everyone still go for a one time ad or PR because that is what is being sold to them, and that is what’s keeping ad agencies and PR companies alive for creating and producing absolutely NOTHING except brain washing and hypnotizing the consumer. Our Youthful and Ageless program is educational. THIS will make all the lies out there disappear. THIS will unveil the false and bring about the information that millions and billions around the world crave. I personally KNOW that the platform  works because I have seen what does NOT work over and over for decades: A one time exposure, forcing a title or a name down the throat of the consumers and they still do not what is even on the market and they will NOT remember names, much less they understand the otherwise  revolutionary message of the manufacturer because nobody has explained it to them. Because there is not a platform that collects information logistically for consumer convenience.

The world is changing faster than ever. Technology is accelerating, job security is declining and income inequality is increasing. People are overworked and underpaid. With less time and freedom, people are left wondering if there is a better way. Our changing economy has led to the rise of the entrepreneur. The fastest, most dependable and controllable way to become wealthy is to own your own business.

When you grow up you tend to get told what the wold is, the way it is,  and your life in it.  Live your life inside the world, try not to bash into the walls too much, but that is a very limited life! Life can be much more once you discover one simple fact, and that is: everything around you that you call life was made up by people before you that are not smarter than you. Once you realize this very axiom you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.  It is a shake off  this ruinous notion that life is just there and you can just going to sit in, fit in and embrace it. Instead, change it, improve it, make your mark upon it. Once you learn that, you will never be the same again!

And as Steve Jobs said: ” Here is to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes, the ones who see things differently, they are not part of the rules, they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, fortify or vilify them, but about the only thing you can’t do is to ignore them!  Because they change things, they push the human race forward and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see change, because the people crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do!”

Youthful and Ageless On the Net, Click image to see one of our Network commercials

The motto of the British Special Service Air Force is: Those who risk, win!  A single green small “flower”  is able to grow through cement without anything around it, the Pacific NorthWestern Salmon beats itself bloody on its quest to travel hundreds of miles upstream against the current with a single purpose: LIFE!

On the memorial service of Steve Jobs on October 17, 2011 they handed out a book about the most powerful  Yogi’s life we know to this day.  The last message from Steve Jobs was: “Actualize Yourself” – that was Paramahansa Yogananda‘s message.

Actualize Yourself and Your Life will actualize that of many. Become an unstoppable force in your own right. Look inside for answers and not to the outside!

As you align your heart’s deepest desires with the direction of evolution, you’ll become God’s hands and feet, raising global consciousness and creating the best experience of life for yourself and others.

The World is changing, change with it, and you will change the World! By Adrienne Papp


Adrienne Papp, President of Atlantic Publicity

About Adrienne Papp:  Adrienne Papp is a recognized journalist, economist and feature writer, who has written for many publications including SavoirThe Westside Today Publications ; such as Beverly Hills 90210Malibu BeachSanta Monica SunThe Beverly Hills TimesBrentwood NewsBel-Air View ; Celebrity Society ; Celeb Staff It Magazine;  Chic Today;  LA2DAY;  West Side Today among many others. She is the President and CEO of Los Angeles / New York-based publicity company, Atlantic Publicity and publishing house, Atlantic Publisher. Adrienne writes about world trends, Quantum Physics, entertainment and interviews celebrities, world leaders, inventors, philanthropists and entrepreneurs. She also owns Atlantic United Films that produces and finances true stories made for theatrical release or the silver screen. Spotlight News Magazine is owned by Atlantic Publicity that just opened a new extension to it : PublicityLosAngelesAdrienne Papp is a member of the International Press Academy.She is the Founder, CEO and President  of Youthful & Ageless ™, Bringing Information to Billions™, An Honorable Cause™ www.OurMediaVenuesAndCompanies.comAtlantic Publicity ArticlesLatest Ageless, Events Photo Collection, Linked In Profile, Movie Data Base  Profile, Twitter, InstagramYouthful and Ageless Google+, Atlantic Publicity Google+, Atlantic Publisher Google+Adrienne Papp Google+, Adrienne Papp Personal Google+Spotlight News Magazine, Atlantic Publicity Productions, Atlantic Altitude, Altitude Pacific, Atlantic Publicity Photography and Filming, About Adrienne Papp   What Others Say  AtlanticPublicitySEOBrilliantMarketing365An Honorable CauseAcademic ResearchKnighthood Today,    Youthful and Ageless™Adrienne Papp is a Press Member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Voting Member of  The International Press Academy. Adrienne Papp is a Registered Credentialed Journalist of the Yearly Cannes Film Festival and the Film Festivals database. She also runs Latest Ageless and Simplicity and Sophistication. Collectively her companies are “Adrienne Papp Enterprises

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