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What is The Meaning of Life? Can Quantum Physics Answer the Question? By Adrienne Papp



By Adrienne Papp

What is the meaning of life?  “Nobody knows.” This was the answer I first heard in philosophy class at the University of Economics, where I got my Master of Science, and MBA degrees. One of the best schools in Europe.

Then, all the “new age” stuff came around, but we still could not express what the “meaning” of life was, – at least not conclusively. Then, finally we turned to science. It was time!  We are really in the last second of the 24th hour. Not that my math teacher at the University did not say exactly the following words some twenty years ago: “…and here, ladies and gentlemen, we arrive to God! For we know in mathematics that THERE IS further from this point forward,” (referring to probability calculations, which nobody could comprehend despite of Einstein, and our very handsome  teacher,) “but we do NOT KNOW  WHAT THAT ‘FURTHER’ IS. THAT ‘FURTHER’ IS GOD’!” he said. Then he started drawing circles after circles on the blackboard. I thought: ” I see, this is what I had always known,” – not consciously of course. Not to the degree that it became obvious to me then. At the time it was just a lingering feeling, but one that I always knew was true.

In recent years Quantum Physics came to the rescue to a certain degree in the understanding (scientifically,) proving and correctly interpreting this “spiritual” power. But,  the word “spiritual”  got overused and discounted in the 21st century for a number of reasons. Therefore, I feel it is better worded for the sake of  this article and of its true meaning to use  the Latin word spiritusinstead of “spirituality.” Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, neuroplasticity, biochemistry, and other fields tell us, with mathematical precision in a feedback mechanism, much about the nature of human beings, including the workings of the brain, our physical and psychological selves and how the two connect, our behavioral characteristics, and the power of the mind, or in brief: about our spirit, the true nature of man and the essence of our existence.

Photo: The Image of Energy

So, now “spiritualism” (which lately sometimes is better expressed as “transformation”) all of a sudden gains credibility and traction with the support of the scientific community, confirming that what we intuit and sense is not only true, but it is a scientific presence, an immaterial aspect of the self. Something that we should pay attention to if we are to make it on Earth instead of dooming ourselves to extinction, which we do in many ways, – one of it is the  never ending self-centered chatter of the mind that leads to poor actions and reactions, causes and consequences and  to endless variation of outcomes in this instance for the worse. And this is a repeated cycle that we are stuck in and deal with day in and day out. The problem is our thinking. Because creating endless variations all by itself is part of the unpredictable quantum world, and is actually the law of  quantum physics: the world of endless possibilities. What possibilities? You decide! For better or worse! (In our current world, things seem to be happening mostly for the worse, but this is again the subject of a whole different discussion. Why is it this way? is there a reason? The answer is: yes, there is.) Mind is nothing else than the brain in action, which has a hundred billion neuro cells, each with at least 40,000 ways of connecting and forming neuro nets. Use this in a mathematical equation and you will have the number of mind-levels we as humans are able to create. It is technically infinite when you use all that we know in physics and mathematics to calculate the number of probabilities. This recognition alone can be the beginning of the end of unconscious, involuntary and compulsive habitual thinking, which is the core of all unhappiness and the cause of repetitive destructive behavior.

Now we know that  it is us who chose individually what we want to think and create, and what we do not.  Once the information about our own power is available it is simply a decision, a choice whether “to be, or not to be,” to think or not to think, chose one path over another, or lead a life of unconsciousness, and so it goes. There is not something outside there that will tell you who you are and what your life should be about as an individual. You actually have a choice for yourself about everything in your life.  And, once you make that choice there is nobody coming to save you should the choice  turn out to be a “mistake.”  You have to do it  for yourself. If you need help, it is you who will summon the help you need. If you believe in God it is you who will pray accordingly. In other words, you are the one making things happen. Jesus referred to faith with the size of a mustard seed, which is the tiniest of seeds. Yet, as the quantum world proves it, the smaller we go, all the way into subatomic particles, the more energy and creative power there is. So, if your faith is as big as a mustard seed, you are able to create.  A brief presentation of the relationship between science and Buddhism ( a form of belief system) is summarized quite simply here:  Very interesting visual explanation!

Understanding our true nature will eventually create new realities and a new level of human consciousness. Once something has ALREADY been crated based on our choices according to that current level of consciousness, it is very hard if not impossible to undo that which has been materialized and objectified, – just like we know it from Newtonian physics.  That is the very point we are at as a planet and species at this very conjunction in history. With the addition of our understanding of the quantum law, which started its observations with Einstein. The quantum law says that the environment is an extension of the mind. This means that if we change our mind, something in the outside world must change. And that is the gift we have. And, by using this gift we can literally change the environment, – and that is to change the world.

Our brain is designed to evolve and the meaning of life in my opinion is now obvious: it is creation and evolution. Both of which mean: to overcome our fears, take action and just go for it!  This “it” is called consciousness. There is nothing to wait for anymore. With the current understanding of who we REALLY are, we know that we can create new realities and new levels of mind.  It is not a phrase, or a theoretical conclusion, but a call to action!  Theoretically understanding something is not evolution. Doing it is. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, just do it for as long as it serves humanity one way or another, small or big, understood or not, seen or unseen. For when you set sails in the direction of your passion, you create new levels of mind. You do not need to wait till everyone else around you becomes conscious. You may wait forever! Instead, use your mind ( your higher self), pay attention to your thinking, and with this new understanding manifest  your passion  into reality! Your soul will be joyous for it, which is the closest emotion to the feeling of the presence of God, and your life will also be an inspiration to others, which is what in return will further inspire you! (A lot more can be said about interconnectedness, which is overlooked by almost everyone today. This subject alone would go beyond the means of this article.)

So, I believe that the old slogan “nobody knows what the purpose of life is” is obsolete. I think the meaning of life is CREATION. When we pay attention to the meaning of the word “creation” it is a LOT bigger and embraces a lot more than what we have ever known up to this point in history. By the word “creation” I mean: manifesting in a physical world things that do not yet exist, but things that the mind is capable of calling into being. To create from the unseen into the seen. All humans do this already except not consciously. And, even when they do it consciously, the ability to evolve that consciousness onto a yet higher level is still ahead of us. And, it is also a task. We know it from the results of scientific research and lots of hard data that the brain is capable and is designed to do a lot more than it is doing today. Or, rather, what we allow it to do today. The brain is designed to evolve.

Without going into the ongoing conflict between Church and Science (which now surprisingly enough, but finally seems to almost merge at certain conjunctions), one of the points I am trying to make, and that science has confirmed, is that “spiritualism,”  ( although the wrong word)  is nothing else than “awakening to,” or “understanding of,” is very real.  Do not discount it! It’s a truth that must be understood as we fight for the planet’s survival along with our own! We might need a new vocabulary, which I wrote an article about before, but I believe it is coming now quite rapidly. Until then, let’s use what we have, for in truth, what we have is always more than what we really need. This is an axiom that is quite overlooked and greatly misunderstood.

Quantum PhysicsNot only Consciousness is now a MUST and has become a reality, with its own scientific validation, but it’s also a principle that successful people intuitively understand, a source of inspiration that can be endlessly tapped. While mentally understanding an axiom is mere philosophy, experiencing it is life. And, when we allow ourselves to become fearless enough to experience certain knowledge more than once, we make it a habit, and when something is habitual it eventually becomes a part of our personality. This personality promotes a way of thinking, a mind-set, and a general approach to life, which then as the result of a new experience becomes a feeling and further perpetuates the new personality through the mind-body connection, through the feeling and thinking, thinking and feeling loop , forming the display of a new personality.  ( In other words: first thinking, then doing, then being.)  Not necessarily who we COULD ultimately become of course!  But, it certainly reflects a new personality born out of the mind with its consciousness at that time. The ultimate personality depends on our understanding and continuous practice of consciousness and who we want to become, who we are capable of becoming, and the repeated decisions and practice that lead the way to that even newer personality that will eventually become habitual again, but on a much higher level of consciousness!  In other words: it requires the practice of the biology of change! That, which we can see on the screen of a brain scan. Evolution.

Like the millionaire mind-set, the poverty consciousness, the victim mentality and a myriad of other human conditions based on thinking patterns examined by science show us that each of these mindsets manifest exactly what their beliefs are.

This observation is also proven in quantum physics as one of the quantum laws. As an example, if I give a million dollars to a poor man, it will not be long before he becomes poor again because his beliefs will be manifested in his life independent of its immediate good fortune or surroundings. Sometimes despite of its surroundings, sometimes because of it, – due to habitual compulsive  thinking, – but never as a direct and unalterable cause of the outside world alone will he create! The cause is the mind . Its power of belief is what will create!  Every man’s life is created by the way he thinks.

Although the statement that “every man is for himself” is an old cliché, it is also true. Only you can change the way your brain is wired and only over time, but never with time! Only by living in the here and the now! Not in the future and not in the past. Both are illusions. The past is over and is nothing else than the recordings of the mind. The future does not exists. It lives only in the mind’s projection. If the future “feels” better than the past or present, it gives you hope.  If  it “feels” worse than the past it causes despair.( Have you noticed that you might be in Paris and in love in the moment, but you are still unhappy thinking of some past experience that seems to dominate the present? It does not even exist, but you “feel” it?  You might be CURRENTLY wealthy and healthy, yet “feeling” the old poor and unwell self?” Whatever the case, you lose out! You are not in the present and you see things through a lens that your mind has created – based on who you are, or more exactly, who you think yourself to be,  who your habitual and environment-conscious mind has made you believe at the time. )  Be always in the now!  The now is divine, and divine is the only real! Whether you believe in the divine or not, the truth is that nothing really exists in the past and nothing exists in the future. Everything is ONLY and EVER happening in the NOW! Your imagined future can only and will only happen in the NOW when you get to that future point in time. Can it be any other time? Of course not!

This is the point where we could discuss the time and space continuum as viewed by quantum mechanics, but that is a vast subject and would make this article too long and too dense. Does time really exist? How about space?  Space only exists because of the empty space between the walls of a room. If there was nothing empty between two objects there would not be two objects. We are only able to perceive objects because there is emptiness between them. The creative essence always is in the emptiness, in the “no-thing”. And, not in the “things,” as is the general belief. The energy in the nothing is what will create the thing as the result of your thinking. This is when a thought becomes a thing. This is how Mr. Ford created cars. It started with a thought.

When you start using your brain differently, you will be thinking differently and thus you will be manifesting your life and its circumstances differently. For life is nothing more or less than what you record, just like on the film of a camera through its lenses. And, you watch that same film over and over again, for that is the only one you have… This is why Einstein said that a problem created by a certain mind cannot be resolved by the same mind. It is time to record something new!

Let’s evolve our brain through the God-given ability that we have: through the frontal lobe, which is the biggest in size of all living creatures in the case of humans, – we are able to create more than we THINK!

To become conscious is the task of the 21st Century. Becoming conscious means that you feel it with every cell of your body. Consciousness lays not in the chatter of the mind but in the silence, – it is a recognition made by the silent watcher.  It is not the busy and habitual mind, but it is a new level of mind.   Consciousness is not in the “things,” but in the “no-things” where all creation starts, Put your unwavering attention into your consciousness, believe that you can have it, and allow it to come to you. Do not try to “get there.” That would be your old self, the ego wanting to “achieve” something. Consciousness must be felt! Learn to welcome it and you shall manifest your mind.  And, that is to live by the quantum law!

About the Writer: Adrienne Papp is a recognized journalist who has written for many publications including Savoir, Beverly Hills 90210, Malibu Beach, Santa Monica Sun, The Beverly Hills Times, Brentwood News, Bel-Air View, Celebrity Society, Celeb Staff, It Magazine, Chic Today, LA2DAY, among many others. She is the President and CEO of Los Angeles/New York-based publicity companies, Atlantic Publicity andAtlantic Publisher. Adrienne writes about world trends, Quantum Physics, entertainment and interviews celebrities and world leaders. She also owns Spotlight News Magazine.Quantum Image

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  • You know Adrienne, you have many gifts. Extraordinary gifts. Gifts of perception, insight and creativity. Gifts of preferences, leanings, and inclinations. But, there is one, just one, while most overlooked is the most profound of all: it is to think, to chose a focus while your beauty over whelms them all:yet you see the world as your senses are: You are true to yourself! And, that almost always never happens. It actually does not happen. Not with who you are, your beauty and your smarts.

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    Jake J.

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  • Just FYI- Einstein said organized religions are childlike and illogical. So please stop dragging Jesus into this.

    From the Publisher, and writer, Adrienne Papp : For your information, Jesus is not an “organized religion,” Christianity is. Jesus was just a man who spoke in terms that at the time could be understood!

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